Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Like OMG!It's your Birthday!

flowers-desi-glitters-19Glitter Photos
I picked it myself, the choice was clear. 
Once you see it, I’m expecting a cheer! 
I know you will need them, on your many adventures. 
Inside the box is a new set of dentures! 
Happy birthday, old fart! 
mwahaha I told you Id get you back!only kidding you're a cute fart

You Rock Graphic #11

Celebrating carly's (Tanvi's) MSP birthday partaaaay :D

Have a wonderful day my friend

Friday, 28 November 2014

It's My Birthday

Helllooo guys... it's my birthday today, wasn't thinking about making a post until I logged in and was welcomed with so many warm wishes from you all, and *COUGH* carly gray my lil cocky friend (whom I love) who started it all of. :D so I wanted to thank you all for being so nice and I couldnt believe all this happened within the 5 mins I just logged on

Happy Happy b'day To me!
   Lol thanks, carly gray aka tanvi for the mini birhday guest book partaaay 

                                       Art book made by carly gray... yeh thanks wozzle
                                                   50 -.- LOL
 Art book made by teddydud. thanks teddy, :)

Art book made by Melissa superhero (my pepper mint friend) ;p
thnk you very much

Thanks my bezzie roxy for the artie!! I loooove it!!! :D

Friday, 31 October 2014


Jamie here. This is my side and hopefully will put an end to a disgraceful situation which should have never been addressed on a blog ar become a fight between ishacool and Fran. Fran I understand you are angry at isha for revealing the cheating but it's not her fault you cheated. I do not condone public fights but I understand there are lots of tempers flying around, disappointments, opinions and distress for everyone involve. 

To Nick/Chuck: We didn't start of with a good friendship when isha first introduced you as her bf. I got to know you and felt you were an opportunist who manipulated my cousin into supporting your causes and just take, take, take. No doubt, isha cared and had a soft for you which you took advantage of. isha pleaded with me to give you a chance and I did, we eventually became friends. I talked to you about my relationship and wedding plans with Fran and you were going to be my best man dude. I cancelled my wedding to Fran about 2 weeks ago after a disagreement about you actually. I would have appreciated you tell me at some point, look man your fiancee is cheating with me and hasn't loved you for months!! isha was the one who suspected something was off and tricked you into a confession. You have since confessed that you tried to tell me but Fran begged and cried not to. i wish you had. She would have never told me. i could have married her while cheating with you. Fran is excellent in being deceitful. it was something we struggled and constantly fought over.  

Fran; I didn’t cheat on you 6 times with Mel. i may have met up with Mel 6 times which you considered cheating. Mel was a close friend for 2 yrs who I briefly dated in the past. She never got over me. Our paths crossed a month or 2 into dating Fran. Mel was always having problems and I was stupid enough to get sucked in and was too blind to see she wanted Fran and I up broken. Every time she needed me I was there. I kissed her a couple of times during times of distress. I was honest and told Fran about it and explained why and how it happened. There was no feelings involved. About Starlight - Btw Starlight and I never kissed. We mostly talked about our relationships and real stuff and I payed her a lot of compliments which could be seen as flirting. I owned up to it. I didn't Text, Skype or made plans about meeting Mel or Starlight in real life like Fran did with Nick. It was wrong of me to get close to Mel, no matter the circumstance. I worked very hard to regain Fran's trust after that. I thought we were happy for over 9 months. I treated Fran like a Queen, gave her all my online attention and she told me she was happy. She was my Queen.

A boy called Ben who my cousin isha liked accused Fran of flirting with him on the first day isha left them together in a room on imvu!! This upset isha so much she and Fran fell out over it. Roxy and Fran had a fall out a few months ago and they both decided to air their secrets online. Roxy revealed that Fran told her she cheated on me in real life with a boy and had sexual intercouse. This news devastated me and I thought that was it for me and Fran but once again she denied it with a passion and I eventually blocked my mind to it. During Nick's confession he also told isha that Fran cheated with another boy before him. It might have been the boy Roxy was talking about, am not entirely sure. 

Why did you lie so much to me Fran? I always made sure you were happy and asked if you were happy to be with me and you always assured me you were. I want everyone to understand that I am not angry Fran cheated or chose someone else. i feel screwed because she cheated with someone I thought was my friend and mad at myself for believing her lies. I am usually a guy with good judgement but Fran got me. I fell in love. Simple as that, and was blinded to everything else. The night before we broke up, Fran told me she loved me and I was the only boy for her. I believed it all, we kissed and hugged each other good night on imvu. You can imagine my shock in the morning when my cousin told me that Fran has been cheating with Nick. it was indescribable. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen Nick's confession. It took me 24 hrs to process it in my head. The last few days has been very difficult. The last thing I needed was my shameful ex-relationship plastered on blogs for everyone to feast upon. This is to Fran and Nick. I am kindly asking both of you to pls have some decency and delete your blog posts about this situation which fran started, and I will make sure my cousin delete hers. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Best Friends Graphic #20

Best Friends means different things to different people. Some insist that you can have only one best friend. Others assert that they have best friends for different aspects of their personalities. Whatever the precise definition, your best friend is the person who gets you. They understand who you are and what you are saying. The greatest distance cannot separate best friends. You will always feel a kinship with them, and be able to instantly continue the friendship even after not talking for many years. Just like Us. We stopped talking for a few months as I was really busy in real and I when I came back nothing changed between me and my bestie :) So if I seem distant, cold or not here. remember inside
                                                   I'm thankful you care.
I still remember the first day we met, you were too shy to say much at all, It's funny to think back to that time because now we're are like crazy blood sisters, a friend like you is very hard to find. Friends are forever, especially the bond that you and I possess I love your fun-filled personality, Somehow you never fail to impress.
 I had to make this post dedicated to you, as I slowly won't be coming on much, but I don't know when that will begin, but you must know I will always be there for you my bestie

We've been together through good and bad we were there for each other when we were down and no one else could ever be as good of a friend as you are to me 


All my best memories involve you, which is why 90% of our conversations start with ''remember that time...'' followed by something dumb
Our Imvu

I have a lot to say About my best friend She has always been there for me When in need. She is kind Loving Caring Here by my side For the good and bad We shared a lot of Laughter Along the way. Always will be here for her And she will always be here for me

Isha is the huge teddy Lol
                                                 Weirdos Jumping into the pool

Nightclub dancing

Although were going separate ways you're in my heart till my final days nothing can make a person see how special a friend you are to me 

This is a very old artbook made by my bestie 2 years ago :D Lol

And this one was made by me 2 years ago.. Lool!! :D I know it's awful -.-

Whenever you feel sad and that no one is around. Always know I will be around.  When you think that nobody cares  I hope you know that I will always care. I seriously hate goodbyes... but it's not like I'm going anytime soon... I hope but still.. it's not goodbye, let's just say I'll see you later :)
For You My friends!
Definitely My best Friend!
Thanks Awesome Friends!

Monday, 1 September 2014

(Monday 1st September, Hero Event)

WOW today was awesome, it was so nice to meet you all in our rooms, I tried to take pics of everyone doing hero poses but should have known that would be impossible :D  I WAS FLYING FROM ROOM TO ROOM trying to find a chatroom that is not full Lol but surprisigly I can't believe I got a pic with ishacool and Roxy in a chatroom thought it would be impossible!! it was fun uniting with you all ;)

But it was actually more of a challenge getting a pic with Fran 

We Couldnt even get into our own event :D LOL


For making so much effort for heroes day, every single room was full!!


Thank you all, for your participation at todays heroes event, sorry if you couldn't get into any of the rooms because we couldn't ourselves Lol, hope you all enjoyed it though?

Here are the links to roxy-1 and Fran is epics blog of more pictures from the hero day event


Join the hero club and share your art books, looks and movies about heroes :D


Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Stop twisting things to suit yourself Candi. You were fighting with Alisha and Roxy a very long time before you and I made up. It was not a secret that you were angry with both Alisha and Roxy and had your own score to settle. You didn't make those movies just because of me, you wanted to expose Alisha and Roxy too for whatever you were fighting about!! You weren't there for me when Roxy hurt me, that was something I dealt with prior to reconcilling with you. I was done with Roxy until you suggested our story be told in movies. I didn't drop you for Fran, it was the other way round lol. I had to remove Fran temporarily as bff in order to accommodate you as a bff for a week which turned into months..  We only agreed on  a week, no more. It was Fran's bff's space.

I had stopped making long movies for close to a year due to my illness when we spoke. I went back into movie making cos you guys asked for my help! I wasn't fame hungry when you needed my help was I? Hun, It was MY decision not to add you as much to my movies in comparison to how much I added holly cos you repeatedly told me fame didn't matter to you. You say you don't care about fame but yet in your blog post you continue to complain about not being added to my movies. Should we even be talking about this? It's either you care or you don't, which one is it Candi?

You ended our friendships not me. There were more than 6 people in the room on imvu during a heated argument when you ask me to repeatedly delete you as you did not want to know me. Have you forgotten? Infact that was the day I deleted u as bff. You and Holly blocked me first!! Holly blocked me without giving any explanation. After the help I gave that girl she could have at least had the decency to give me a reason. And Candi, you and Holly forgave Roxy first. I was very reluctant in forgiving Roxy. In fact I felt hurt by you forgiving Roxy but also felt it was your decision to make at the end of the day. I eventually decided to forgive and gave Roxy another chance because we had a lot of history together and she was showing me she was sorry, not just saying it. We gradually started to rebuild our friendship.

I know you would love to think it was me on Chuck's account but it wasn't, it was Chuck himself. I do try and maintain his account when he's away with the help of his brother Jayjay123, like you would do for a close friend. Chuck mostly logs in on holidays and half terms and if you want proof, you can look on my stream pictures on imvu for him. We took several pics with friends. His imvu name is iZtails.

You made over 20 movies about Roxy and Alisha's betrayal but no one accused you "it's for fking fame" like you accused me on your blog for telling my side. You made countless movies about your relationships and your break up with V1per but I never once criticise you that it was fame seeking, you made movies about a boy cheating on you and I never accused you...  Why does there always have to be one rule for u and another for everyone else? Accusing ppl of fame seeking is stupid, it's the essence of the game for crying out loud. I make fame regardless on whatever movies I make, not just Unplugged. I thought u were being sincere too Candi until I got to know u better.  I have never met anyone who complained as much as you and twisted things for your own gain. Everyday was a different story with you. i didn't know what to expect. It became exhausting. You did me a favour.


Thank you so much for your sarcastic apology on your blog. 
You contradict yourself so much.. You say some people shouldn't be swearing from a kids game and yet you support the person who does it for you, because if isn't your way, it's no way. I regret ever accepting the invite to talk to you because it has caused way more trouble than it was worth. You preach that you don't care about fame but yet you never shut up about it, everything turns into fame with you. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with caring about fame because many people like playing the game and love the competition but you always make it a fight and you say you don't care when really it's all you want.. 

We agreed to be BFF's for one week and one week only to show our forgiveness yet when I wanted the spot back you to flipped! I didn't even want to be BFFs at first because I felt people wouldn't understand our decision. At that point you were accusing me of many things and we argued everyday. I was a witness in a room when you and your BFF Holly where, you targeted and bullied Roxy into admitting on ArtBooks that she lied, poor Roxy only did it because she wanted my friendship back and she felt left out cos you and I were friends. She was willing and ready to do anything. It was also there that Roxy was bullied  into giving up her group name (Roxstars/Lilrox for Epic-Angels) which she loved so much even though she didn't want to and I personally am ashamed I sat there and didn't speak up on her behalf as I was angry at her at the time.

It was very interesting to get to know Holly, she couldn't make decisions for herself and always had to ask YOU for permission to do anything.. Your relationship isn't sisterly in my eyes, it's more like mother and daughter, I felt really sorry for Holly. Holly kept me as a friend after my fight with Candi and I thought she was genuine but I soon realized what her intentions were. I was her ticket to maintaining her 1st page position.

After Chuck returned to Msp and wanted to fight for 1st page position I spoke to Holly in private and informed her that Chuck is going to fight for 1st page and some of my friends have agreed to help him but I will be staying out of it as I have built a friendship with Holly. But, I guess she never believed in me, even tho I worked my butt off night and day to help her to 1st page. I started helping chuck after Candi and Holly had both blocked me.. After all he was a good friend to me for 2 years.

You have called me a fame monster repeatedly, but you never, not once, called me anything like that when I was helping Holly with fame! Funny how when it benefits you or your group its okay. 
Candi you also confided in me about your brain surgery, I didn't tell a soul, you asked me specifically to never say a word yet you made it publically known on MSP in many many ArtBooks and even a movie.. This confused me a lot. Candi, you have told me other secrets too that I will keep private as I gave you my word. No matter what happens, I will not tell anybody.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Hi everyone!! ishacool and pandypolo here!!!!

sooo like we decided, maybe it's about time we had some chillaxing time on MSP but instead .. even better!! :D we end up having a mini party at missisha's garden. Don't know what for?? hmm let's just say because ishacool turned level 76? and pandypolo level 46! Also because we havn't made a fun post in such a long time as we have been too busy with other things. 
Here is a screen shot of the mini party! wish more of our friends were online so they could have joined us :(

Anyway... does anyone remember this profile!! it was back in 2011 :o 

we couldnt remember how different MSP was back then until we saw this!! pandypolo was level 20 and ishacool level 20!! also back then you could only have one best friend and a boyfriend does anyone remember that.? If I remember correctly, level 20 was the highest back then and then they added 5 new levels, so level 25 was the highest.
we wish we could show you guys pics of when we just started MSP and we were level 1 Lol but unfortunately don't have it, back when we started, you couldnt even have a best friend!! only a boyfriend.. yuppers it's true.. then later MSP allowed users to have one best friend... and NOW 3 best friends!!! :)

As you can see we had each other on our profile as best friends back then and still do!! nothing has ever come in between us and never will :) we've been through a lot together and every moment has just strengthened our friendship more and more x
Oh yeah, like some people think and have also recently asked us, were we one of the first moviestars on msp.... no we weren't. there were older moviestars for example Bex. anyone remember her?
unfortunately she doesn't come online anymore..

This was her old MSP user profile, we have a pic with her on this blog... so you can imagine how old this blog is as well Lol..

Bex used to be the top moviestar!! and she started in 2010 !! 

Anyway what do you guys think of MSP now? everyone we know who started MSP back in 2011 say they prefer it how it used to be... who agrees?

Hanging at the Mall 8)

Love = isha & polo x