Thursday, 3 July 2014

A blog of lies

Today, it was brought to my attention that somebody has set up a blog and created false and photo-shopped images to try and damage my relationship with Zack. 
Firstly, I'd like to point out that the images are clearly photo-shopped using paint, it is extremely easy to do and is popular for troublemakers like this girl to do.

The blog post:

Zack doesn't even really have time to speak to people or add people really, so the fact this girl is claiming to have a full conversation with him, with it resulting in him asking her to date is ridiculous!  What is this girls aim exactly? Has she been rejected and can't handle it and wants revenge?

Also, I blocked the girl that made that post so there is no way whatsoever that she could have written to me, the whole post is full of lies! Whether this was all made out of jealousy or any other reason it's not right and I hope people realize it is all fake and none of what is said is true, guaranteed. 

Monday, 16 June 2014

Hi everyone!! ishacool and pandypolo here!!!!

sooo like we decided, maybe it's about time we had some chillaxing time on MSP but instead .. even better!! :D we end up having a mini party at missisha's garden. Don't know what for?? hmm let's just say because ishacool turned level 76? and pandypolo level 46! Also because we havn't made a fun post in such a long time as we have been too busy with other things. 
Here is a screen shot of the mini party! wish more of our friends were online so they could have joined us :(

Anyway... does anyone remember this profile!! it was back in 2011 :o 

we couldnt remember how different MSP was back then until we saw this!! pandypolo was level 20 and ishacool level 20!! also back then you could only have one best friend and a boyfriend does anyone remember that.? If I remember correctly, level 20 was the highest back then and then they added 5 new levels, so level 25 was the highest.
we wish we could show you guys pics of when we just started MSP and we were level 1 Lol but unfortunately don't have it, back when we started, you couldnt even have a best friend!! only a boyfriend.. yuppers it's true.. then later MSP allowed users to have one best friend... and NOW 3 best friends!!! :)

As you can see we had each other on our profile as best friends back then and still do!! nothing has ever come in between us and never will :) we've been through a lot together and every moment has just strengthened our friendship more and more x
Oh yeah, like some people think and have also recently asked us, were we one of the first moviestars on msp.... no we weren't. there were older moviestars for example Bex. anyone remember her?
unfortunately she doesn't come online anymore..

This was her old MSP user profile, we have a pic with her on this blog... so you can imagine how old this blog is as well Lol..

Bex used to be the top moviestar!! and she started in 2010 !! 

Anyway what do you guys think of MSP now? everyone we know who started MSP back in 2011 say they prefer it how it used to be... who agrees?

Hanging at the Mall 8)

Love = isha & polo x

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Hello My Friends Ishacool here :p 

Just Making a new post to advertise my movie series which I worked soooo hard on so that everyone would enjoy, I am aware that most of you like thriller, horror like movies right? well that's what storm catchers is about: 

And if horror/thriller movies isn't your type then I have my other movies ''it could happen to you'' it's comedy/romance based. But, overall I hope you enjoy both my movie series :) and thank you too all who watch my movies,, send autos and greetings, I love my supporters. My regular helpers will be rewarded and also added if I haven't added them already :) when you have the time please watch my storm catchers movie, I need more views so that I can make the next part :) thank you all xx

Also please watch my 13 going 30 movie on Vintage. I work just as hard with my movies on Vintage as I do on ishacool. :) THANK YOU ALL XOXOXO <3 

Ishacool out 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


To Roxy-1

I have kept quiet long enough to be used and abused and let you get away with it. Most people don't know you like I do and You know it's kind of f^cked up how I've helped you and you were supposed to be my closest, but once you reach the point where you think you can't gain anything beneficial from me, you want to act like I was the one who needed you and play these damn games, like nah you ain't nothing, for real. Can I remind you that I was at the top of Msp at Level 20 when I added you as a mere level 10! I thought you loved and cared for me as a friend but all you cared for was to use my name to become famous and get your movies watched!! Well, it worked. I hope you are proud of yourself.

i mean my *****, how long were you even HERE before I helped you crawl out of that "i'll never amount to anything" shithole of yours and finally be yourself and learn new things and gain new friends, and now that you know a few people, you think it's time to betray and backstab me. LOOK BITCH, WHEN YOU GET TO THE TOP WHICH SADLY YOU WILL, AND KEEP YOUR SHIT UP THERE FOR THE NEXT 2 AND A HALF YEARS LIKE I HAVE AND THEN MAYBE WE CAN COMPARE NOTES, but for now, keep your shit and fake friends to yourself and leave me out of it. Trying to act like someone on MSP when 99% of the world don't even know you exist or f^cking care about your fame on MSP!! PATHETIC HOLLIGAN!!


Lets face it you were NO ONE on MSP and survived on short movies until Roxy and I adopted you as a friend-.- I f^cking made peace between you, Roxy and Fran when they hated your guts, whilst all along you were part of a plan to destroy me on Msp. I suffered a nervous break down due to the vicious attack you and Candi plotted against me 2 yrs ago!! How you must have laughed at me behind my back! Yes, I have forgiven Candi because she had the decency to own her part and talk about it. But, You Alisha on the other hand, hid your involvement, befriended me under false pretence, used my connections for fame! and to this day you continue to lie and won't own up your part!! 

I have watched you teamed up with Roxy and change her personality for the worst to a point where I can't even recognise my ex-bff anymore!! You've dragged her into your stupid fights with people and make her look like an idiot!! Your not 2-faced, you are 6-face Alisha, I doubt if you are ever true to your friends. When you are alone with me you bash Roxy's name to pieces and back me up on most occasions and when you are with Roxy, you bash my name! People should be afraid of you Alishit, you are the Devil. You and your douche bag bf deserve each other. GOOD RIDDANCE!!

ishacool Out.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Heeeey pandypolo here!!. I know it's a little early but, yaaa know, knowing me I probably won't have time on the daaay!! sooo happy EARLYY valenines daaaaay. 
Valentine Jokes for preschoolers! ( medium maturity) suitable to read for all ages! Warning ! may not be humorous for teenagers.
Q: What did the stamp say to the envelope on Valentine's Day?
A: I'm stuck on you!
Q: What travels around the world but stays in one corner?
A: A stamp.
Q: Why is lettuce the most loving vegetable?
A: Because it's all heart.
Q: What do squirrels give for Valentine's Day?
A: Forget-me-nuts.
Q: What is a vampire's sweetheart called?
A: His ghoul-friend.
Q: Why did the banana go out with the prune?
A: Because it couldn't get a date.
Q: What happens when you fall in love with a french chef?
A: You get buttered up.
Q: What did the caveman give his wife on Valentine's Day?
A: Ughs and kisses!

Q: What did the paper clip say to the magnet?
A: I find you very attractive.

Q: What did the elephant say to his girlfriend?
A: I love you a ton!
Q: What did one pickle say to the other?
A: You mean a great dill to me.
Q: What do you call a very small Valentine?
A: A Valentiny! 

  Roses are red                 
Tires are black
Why is your chest
as flat as your back?                     

Roses are red,
Violets are purple,
Sugar is sweet
And so is maple syrup

Roses are Red
My name is polo
This poem sucks
I like rolo

Roses are Red
Violets are blue
I'm bad at poems
Refrigerator(LOL makes no sense)

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Please don't kiss me,
'cuz I have the flu.

Valentine Day Wish


Be My Valentine
Happy valentines day, Hope you enjoy!

Happy valentiness daay! have a good one

Hi pandypolo here! first post in months!! Omg new levels. I know I'm reaaaly late haha but I havn't been online for ages and I only found time now to make a post for the first time in ages. I can't believe how much has changed!!! and Omg wooow this blog has sooo many views. THANK YOUS PEOOOOPLEE.
Anyways what you guys think about the new levels? before the new levels came, the moviestars on the first page were all like levels 24 and 25, now they're all like 50 and 60! and Ishacool on 72!

Also now when people watch your movies or however way you earn fame you have to add it from your activities! do people prefer it like that or do you miss the old MSP? I think it's pretty cool tbh. Msp is updating very regularly Lol I wonder if that annoys anyone Lol. what do you guys think of it. There is so many ways to make fame now?! what's your favourite way of making fame?

Oh yeah, on to a different topic, people seriously!!! what is with the glitching!! such a a sad way to earn fame. Although for some people that ain't surprising, It's totally insane how some people will go extreme lengths to earn fame, well they don't exactly earn it, because earning something depends on a good performance whereas some people for instance bully and abuse others and even turn others against the person they intend to overrank in the highscores! this is mostly the case of jelous and selfish moviestars!. Moviestarplanet is supposed to be a fun game and people should be playing failry, if you want to earn fame then don't go on about it in the wrong way by hurting people!!!!! THAT IS SOO SAD. people who do that do not deserve fame!!!. 

Random. wooo- ing with my cousins 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


A few days ago while I was on IMVU, a few friends told me that someone else was on my account on MSP and a status reading 'Hacked by ece' was published, since then I have received a lot of hate from other users. I DIDN'T WRITE IT ON MY STATUS. I have never seen the name ece before on Msp. Some people say, Ishacool, you're a liar, you haven't been hacked. I Have no reason to lie about such a horrible thing.

No one on Msp knew my password but me. Infact I changed my pass 2 days before I was hacked because my bff Roxy informed me that she tried to log into her account and couldn't, her password was changed. She had to reset her password. I immediately logged into Msp and changed my pass. This was just 2 days before I got hacked. 

After discovering this, I sent MSP the following email: 
(Click to enlarge)
Shortly after, I got a reply from support which clearly states they have found who was responsible and were going to give me my account back, which was given back 2 days later.

The above picture is the reply I got from support - proof I was not lying.
The hacker changed my password and my email, so I couldn't log into my account.
I'm going to be honest, it was a horrible time for me and I tried my utmost best to reassure people and stop the worry on MSP because we all admittedly dislike a negative environment, but after this the rumors and hate hit an all time high - and it's unfair.

The hate being shown towards me is vile - some even calling me an 'attention seeking
cow' and I should delete my user. Perhaps I should have logged online and put on a crying animation for everyone to feel sorry for me(i) but that's not me. I do not want to distress others.

People may think that dishing hate on me is fine and doesn't have consequences, but in actual fact it does. I don't like being seen as a victim but this really needs to stop.

Having this happen to my account is a horrible experience and I hope you never have to endure it, but at present it wasn't the worst thing to happen, the aftermath consisting of hate is.
So please,

  • If you see any hate please report it to MSP
  • Do not hate on other users
  • Don't partake in bullying even if others are doing so, be the bigger person

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Movie Highscores Issue.

As most of you are aware by either watching Highscores or by my ArtBook, Movie highscores are currently frozen and MSP are yet to give us any explanation whatsoever, even though I know they are aware of the issue.

Myself and many others spend hours and hours creating movies even with terrible lag so people can enjoy them, but now we can't even see them succeed, views have dropped and so have peoples hopes for success on MSP.

Movie Highscores can have a vital impact on movie views so this 'glitch' is having a massive impact on movies users spend hours and hours making.

I feel that there is some unfairness going on and I dont feel it is very fair on us who are losing out due to this error on MSP's behalf. 

Myself and a few others have emailed MSP about the issue, days later and there is still no sign of a reply, however usually they tend to reply in 1-2 days, therefore it is clear we are being ignored in a very unfair circumstance.
MSP could have solved the issue, like they solve other issues in the game but they chose not to do so, the damage is done.

We know MSP are aware of the issue because highscores has been changed ever so slightly however the damage has been done.

People tell users to not take matters into their own hands, but what are we meant to do? Just sit around and hope for the best because life doesn't work that way. We have to spread the word!
Please spread the word, Email MSP, get your friends to do so also because its the only way we can stop the unfairness in this game!

And also, please watch ishacool Unplugged Parts 1-16 are out NOW! Please watch for all the things you all want to know!
Latest Parts

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hi Everyone! It's isha Here.

Firtsly, I want to say Happy Eid to all the muslims out there. I know it's a bit late and Polo and I usually create a Ramadan and Eid Post but Polo's computer is down and I have been quite unwell lately. I hope you guys had a happy Eid. Allah bless you all.

There are a few things I'd like to address while I'm here. I know I have said this quite a few times but please people take note and be aware that I dont not have facebook or Youtube Channel or Fn or Kik!! If you see my name on any of these networks, that person isn't me, so pls stop getting fooled!! I have never created a youtube video in my life!! I don't even know how to lmao. Also, I have been receiving quite a few messages asking if I have a Twitter account. I DO NOT HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT. WHOEVER IS USING MY NAME ISHACOOL ON TWITTER ISN'T ME!! Why can't these fake, wannabe's be themselves? Why do they have to impersonate me? More so why are some of you guys believing them? I have created several artbooks on Msp addressing these issues but they keep coming up..

I do not have a sister, brother, cousin on Msp, stop asking me if so so person is my sister. I only have 3 main accounts on Msp: ishacool, Vintage and Missisha. Whoever else is claiming they are me is just lying to you. These fakers keep creating accounts saying they are me or related to me and demand wishes from innocent people. It's really disgusting. They are getting away with it because some of you actually believe them. 3 accounts is more than enough for me to maintain, I will not be creating new accounts.

On a positive Note. I will be publishing my upcoming series soon called Best Friends. My latest Artbook explains a little bit about it. It will be based upon one of my favourite series and I hope I do it justice. I hope you guys tune in to watch and hope you like them. I am 35 million fame points away from my goal target I set for myself at half a Billion fame points(500 million). Pls help me achieve my goal by watching my movies and add me to your movies whenever you can but you don't have to. I will take whatever help you offer and appreciate it too :)

Bye For Now.
ishacool xoxo

Monday, 24 June 2013

Hi There!!

Omg I haven't created a post for so long. This is just a quick hello. I've been so busy in real and Online. How are you guys doing? I'd like to say thanks so much for making my movies series a success especially the new series" Pretty In P!nk" I'm gald you guys love them as much as I do. Sorry to those who always chat to me on ishacool and don't get a reply. I can't really reply cos that account is so laggy and it doesn't help when my online friends are increased cos many people use the glitch to minimise me to their screen (i) Remember you can message me on Vintage and Missisha too.

Bye for now,
ishacool xoxo