Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Hello! 'tankishore25' here, a.k.a Pandypolo's fourthie a.k.a Tantan!

Lemme get some business outta the way first...

Please stop messaging me about how I am Polo's fourthie due to my lovely low level lol! I am a good friend of hers and had an account previously. I don't wish to disclose it but please respect my wishes and kindly stop with the topic! :)

HEY POLO here now I would like to introduce you guys to 2 of mine and ishacools friends :p
Cookie Monstah!

We're all lame so we have a lame sounding group name. (That rhymed yas!)

tonki wonki fell on the donki and never got up lol she died
Did you know pandypolo is NOT made of real polos?! And that cookie monstah! is not actually a cookie monster?! And that ishacool is NOT cool...she's actually REALLY HOT?! And that tankishore25 isn't tan?! (jokes, I am, I am preeetttyyy tan) ~TENKISHORE25~


                                                 Can you spot yourself?

Hahaha Mayas (cookie Monstah!) big mouth, that animation brings out your personality

Noob------> -___- 

isha's animation is the wrong waaay... polo humping cookie

Dead noob... isha and tonki celebrating noobs fallen

Chatroom trolling :D yess.. thats cookie monstah riding a pony? idk
Tonkis comment (new girl advert) :D

cookie monstah covering her huge mouth with her Lolly

                                              O_O THE NOOOOB IS ALIIIIIVE

    we gave tankishore25 a new nickname (tonki) because like she says her name ''tags beautifully'' :D

                                 cookie + tantan + polo + isha5ever YE FAM :D


tankishore25 (tonki) cookie monstah! (cookie) pandypolo (polo) & (ishacool) xx

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Hello This is Jamiestar97 (Fran is epics ex boyfriend) I have quite a lot to say although I am not very good at expressing myself and I will try not to consume too much of your time so please bare with me.

Your video was impressive ''babe'' but why didn't you mention how you were cheating with your ex bf Jake jones and used a  past picture of you and him together as your updated FB cover while in hospital 2 weeks ago?

You purposely dismissed your cheating with Nick/chuck and tried to justify it, the cheating was the most painful experience I have endured in my life, you didnt just cheat, you only dated Nick for a week and within that short time you skype to strip naked for him!! :s

 you are apologising for it and yes I believe that everyone makes mistakes, and often it is not the mistakes that define a person's character, but what they do afterward. I hoped in my heart that you would redeem yourself, That you would be accountable for your actions, ''WORK'' and not ''BEG'' for my forgiveness and try :( whatever you could do to make things right I hung on to the faith that you would step up to the girl I thought you was, but you didn't and maybe that is the most disappointing part of all. instead you repeatedly lied and blamed it on everyone including me for not making you happy, plus you threatened everyone with the police if naked pictures of you surfaced online, did we force you to take your clothes??!! The first thing that happened, my heart races into utter terror, then I go numb, like catatonic numb, then I find out it has all been a lie!!! you weren't really sorry? the person I thought you were has not only become a stranger but breached my trust more than once.

After that you begged for my forgiveness and sent your friends to plead with me and when this didn't work you threatened suicide and was admitted into hospital. I loved you!! you left me to cope with feelings of guilt and grief, now I understand you emotionally blackmailed me to count on me being empathetic, concerned and worried about you, which I was! you talked about ending your life so many times I lost count, you didn't consider how it will effect me or your family!


Everyone has feelings Fran, you used me, If you were no longer interested in me then I had the right to know before you go cheat or go looking for someone else!! instead you turn up the fake passion and give me the false sense of security that I have nothing to fear, you always play the 'pity card' or cry rivers of tears while expressing how sorry you are to put me back in the spin cycle of crazy and the false sense of security!! you shamelessly informed me about your bf in your own words ''popped your cherry'' your best friend roxy revealed that you cheated on me over a fight and felt ''guilty''. Once I again I was misled into believing your detailed fabricated lies, well done you have mastered the art of performance.

You responded to ishas comment about her saying you are unable to feel emotion? why do you think she said that Fran, its because of your endless cheating along with your fake apologies you have an absence of emotional connection and true empathetic feeling with me :( I was very attentive to your emotions and you know it!! but your emotional needs were all about serving your own grandiose self image and not at all about mutuality or reciprocity with me.

You never truly honored my feelings, especially when it comes to taking accountability for your deceitful and conscience-less ways, there was never any meaningful, lasting insight from you :'(  because there will be other reports from your friends of you cheating and sleeping with other boys which you effortlessly denied.
I don't understand why you invested so much effort, time and energy into giving the illusion of intimacy and meaning into our relationship? why did you do this to me? do you do it for the sport of it? do you enjoy both the chase and kill?

When I met fran she was ishacools best friend, isha objected to my relationship with fran when we started dating because she wanted to avoid being in the middle of it incase something went wrong, she is not the reason for my failed relationship, infact she became the peacemaker when things went wrong. it upsets isha in many occasions to see us fight and most of the time it was impossible for her to remain neutral, all bff's have disagreements, isha and Fran were no different, after many fights, betrayal, and breached trust the bond created slowly deteriorated and the friendship naturally stopped bringing any emotional reward and joy, quite simply spending time with fran made isha feel it is doing more harm than good. It was challenging for isha to recognise the damage caused by the toxic friendship with fran, especially since she has known and cared about her for a long time. After that she replaced  fran with roxy-1 as bff on msp on her profile, therefore fran set out to plot revenge! -.- with the aid of a close friend, fran uploaded a you tube video slandering isha due to her own anger and jealousy!

Fran, didn't care how this had a devastating effect on me and my family! she later on apologised on an art book promted by me admitting she was wrong
But yet she continued to hurt her with lies and betrayal ??? it took isha a very long time to defend herself and speak up against FRAN!

Fran casually dropped in a conversation that she was sexually assaulted by an elder cousin called Jonathan 10 years ago!!! I have known this girl for a year, her revelation left me worried sick for days, unable to sleep! I begged Fran to speak to someone about it as I cannot do anything about it online, but she refused and avoided speaking to me? why?
oh and also fran you mentioned in your video that you didnt even tell isha about your assault but you was aware she knew !! because I asked you if I could tell her as it was bothering me and you said yes! isha decided to speak to fran about it, and when she questioned her allegation fran got very upset and angry and told her she should have got raped and have an overdose.

Please Fran I urge you to tell the truth about your supposed suicide attempt and admission into hospital, no one gets admitted with suicide attempt without being sectioned -.- you posted a selfie on snapchat 6 hours after you were admitted with claimed injuries of 2 broken ankles, a cracked rib and cuts and bruises, who does that? I don't believe fran was admitted with such injuries, this was an extreme form of emotional blackmail, it was a low-blow but effective move because you tapped directly into my compassion for you and triggered the fear that I will be the cause of ending your life if I don't comply to your wishes!

Why do you continue to talk about isha and pandypolos personal details and calling them hypocrites? do you not understand the principles of internet safety? -.-
Lol and fran not everyone is ''humble'' enough to talk about their wealth and how many Louboutin shoes and Gucci bags they have -.-. 
PANDYPOLO IS NOT RACIST, you admitted to understanding a statement she made, why are you twisting it now? this is the reason pandypolo was angry with you, you accused her of being a hypocrite and racist , but you told me your best friend/boyfriend David on msp is very racist! You said he dislikes black people and hates Muslims, he admited it during a group chat on kik! You are just unwilling to acknowledge truths that doesn't match your preferences. I have evidence of this do you want me to show it Fran?

I felt I needed some time to heal and process the situation before publishing and because I don't want my story to come from a place of spite or revenge. Also it has taken me  lot of courage to share my personal experience with you because I felt a lot of shame  in what happened. ty

Monday, 22 June 2015


Fran has caused Jay so much grief with her psychotic ways. Jay is my real cousin, he is a great guy, he is polite, respectful, and was very considerate and attentive to fran's emotional needs, and she just abused and took advantage of him. Betrayal is one of the worst feelings in the world, You have been betrayed, you feel stabbed in the back, and start doubting yourself as a partner, When Jay found out fran cheated on him with his close friend Nick, it was devastatingly heart wrenching for him, however she still lied and was deceptive, and tried anything to protect the lie! When the truths about her cheating finally do come out, she will blame JAY, (as if nothing is ever her fault) making him feel even worse.

Lol Fran is so used to being deceptive and lying, she feels more comfortable with the lie than the truth. This made the betrayal towards Jay more acute, as just when he was coming close to finding the truth, she will lie further to disrtact him or confuse him or worse still, accuse Jay of having an affair 6 times with a girl called Mel to cover for herself. I can vouch for him that this is an ex aggregated lie. Mel and Jay has always been close and known each other for 6 years! It was always impossible for him to speak to Mel without being accused. he had to block Mel for a long time upon Fran's request.

Fran is very manipulative and can easily gain people’s trust just like she did with Jay and I. People do not be fooled by Fran she just learns to mimic emotions, despite her inability to actually feel them :D and she will appear normal to unsuspecting people!! She’s gotten away with it for so long but we’ve seen everything now franny you can’t hide your true self anymore.

Fran cheats, not because she hasn’t met the love of her life! But because the opportunity is presented to her, fucking. S.l.a.g.  If your stench trench / penis fly trap had a password it would be ‘’password’’. Quite simply fran cheats because she can, without guilt or remorse, there is  no reason not to, she tends to act within the moment if an opportunity rises LMAO.
Normal people will learn that cheating is bad, as it hurts people. It causes pain, fran doesn’t learn from past mistakes and will repeat the same behaviour over and over.

Now I will talk about how Fran used her suicide threats as a manipulation tactic to keep Jay in control and dominate over him. Anyone would go to great lengths to help an apparently suicide person. THIS IS THE VERY REASON that fran love to use this threat to get attention whenever she wanted it from jay, if she moves on from the threat to actually doing it then the blame squarely lies on her NOT JAY or anyone else like she tried to make it out.

Fran became very abusive when I accused her of seeking attention and lying about her suicide threat. YES well Fran if you frequently make these threats without any real attempts then you should also accept the blame when people stop believing them. All I’m trying to get across is that Fran used these suicidal threats to get compliant behaviour from us, I think people deserve to know when they are being manipulated when these threats are ongoing on. So we made sure jay was aware of this, which will allow him to do his own assessment of what is happening and decide when he will stop letting frans threats rule his life!!

Yes I know many of you don’t know much about Fran, she has a grossly inflated view of her abilities and self-worth, cocky, a braggart, and she’s an arrogant biatch who believes she is a superior human being

Sunday, 21 June 2015

FRAN IS EPIC- The lying disease

Hello everyone, pandypolo here again, I'm making this post to inform you about fran's disgusting ways and how she has deeply effected two of my friends, ishacool (who was an extremely good friend to her) and Jamiestar97 her boyfriend. If you were keeping up with the blogs in the past you would know that fran cheated on her boyfriend with her best friend ishacool's close friend chuck! She admitted to stripping for the poor boy over skype,  she even teamed up with someone else to create a youtube video based on lies about isha! which she admitted to later on! -.- ALL this just over a BFF spot on MSP. Fran has lied so much in the past, she has no shame or remorse, even when confronted with probing questions and evidence or previous deception it is also very easy for her to deny these lies, make up excuses and project her own beahviour on to others, which is, of course, a lie in itself, she's always being sorry in a regular basis but she never changes! That's because she's become so used to it, she can say sorry without feeling any shame, she comes across as sincere.

. OK first let me tell you something before I get started on Fran's sexual assault allegation!,


 Jay (fran's boyfriend) and I started to become very close recently and Fran absolutely hated that she couldn't stand it! she would literally go to any lengths to divert his attention away from me Lol! She's asked him to block me everywhere possible because of her jealousy. Jay and I have known each other for over 5yrs! Fran made a very serious allegation recently about her being sexually assaulted. The weird thing is she just sprung this on jay while they were talking about how much she despises me and something that happened to her 10 years ago so why now? Why tell Jay now? and not her family! Why drop a story like this leaving Jay physically sick and worried half to death when he can do fuck all about it? Fucking tell someone in your family. 
Fran lies to Jay in order to dominate him, she is treating her relationship with him like a game! She feels completely justified in exploiting him.

Considering Fan's history of pathological lying, obviously we questioned her allegation. INFACT any sort of allegation like this will be questioned no matter who it is from! So just because ishacool refused to fall for her failed attempt of a sympathy story, Fran decided to attack her

Fran and isha aren't even friends, they haven't been for a long time. She didn't object into Jay telling isha about the assault. Isha was left dumfounded as to why she's being told.  Fran says she's afraid of telling her family what happened to her but not isha/? Why did she want isha to know this? To gain her sympathy that's why, FRAN has to act like she is the victim in every single situation!

Fran telling isha to overdose herself because she questioned her allegation.

OK let me explain this, First of all unless something has been proven in a court of law, the word ''victim'' should remain forever in scare quotes, you know why? because we have something called a criminal justice system that carries with is certain principals like the presumption of innocence.

Let me explain a little about what that mean, I will try to break it down real simple-like so that even Fran can comprehend it. Presumed innocence means those exact words. literally, it means that if you are just sitting at your laptop or TV, you must assume that whoever is getting the finger pointed at them at the moment didn't do a damn thing, You must assume that they were just living their life, minding their own business, but for some reason that you know absolutely nothing about, they were scooped up by police and charged with a crime for which the prosecutor believed there was enough provable evidence to convict them beyond a reasonable doubt. 
Until that conviction comes, they are legally and morally innocent.

Consequently, for the sake of justice, we must assume that Fran is full of crap and is prosecuting someone for no apparent reason until she can provide the evidence so compelling and convincing that there is no reasonable doubt in anyone's mind that the accused is actually guilty. This type of behaviour is common in Fran's group of friends, she once mentioned to Jay that one of her friends once accused an ex bf of rape which left questions in everyone's mind including Fran's. In fact Fran was convinced the girl was lying. 
Its only fair to question Fran's accusation, until we are convinced by the same solid, completely credible evidence that she's not lying. Until then, you must assume such accusation means nothing. That is what presumed innocent until proven guilty means. It means that you don’t have a single iota of belief in the so-called “victim’s” story until evidence forces you to believe otherwise. That includes rape. To be even clearer, there are no rape victims until it has been proven in a court of law. There are only “victims".
And seriously people you can't fall for allegations like this unless it is proven otherwise  it is very very unfair on the ACCUSED! Believe the “victim”? My ass. I don’t believe in anything I have to put in scare quotes. And that is the way it is supposed to be in a society. Stop using your stories on poor Jay!, sucking sustenance off the reflexive, gushing sympathies of others is a scam- no more- no less.
Oh OH ohh , and FRAN if you were sexually assaulted but you reported it to Jamiestar97, a boy you don't even know in real and not to the Police or your family, then as far as I am concerned, you are doing a shit-poor job of even being a “victim.” Your story could and should be used as fertilizer. Having just enough courage to tell your boyfriend online that you were assaulted, when you know that he will not give the accused a chance to even question you about your allegations, but too little courage to tell the social services is a chicken-shit move that helps cast doubt on all alleged victims of this crime.
Give real victims a break FRAN. Tell social services or shut the hell up.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Hellloow there. erm ok so I decided on ''to post'' because everyone thinking I've been hacked for some reason. Everytime I log online, I'm welcomed by your beautiful messages below (Click to enlarge all pictures)

Hey it was funny the first 20 times but it seems like everyone is getting freaked out, OK yeah it's clear everyone is getting freaked out, can we please not bring the ''that persons been hacked'' bussiness back to MSP.

 The reason for the title of this post is because I realised when someone decides to comment on a blog post I make its nothing ever regarding the actual post instead the questions are based on the designs of the blog, so I thought there's just no point posting Lol -__- ok it is still quite flattering however I'm not talking to myself ya knowww.

Also someone asked me for my advice the other day about why do people never comment on their post, from what I've read it's probably because you don't invite readers to comment? A post without comments is like that abandoned house down the end of your street... creepy and not be trusted.

I need to go on with myself to make this post tiny bit longer, short posts annoy me

 So what else is new... oh yesh. ISHACOOL does not have instagram or facebook, she doesn't even know how to use these social sites. (no offence homie)

I know there's loads of people on instagram impersonating isha but this girl in particular is just plucking my eyebrows! 
The only other website ishacool uses is this blog sorry to disappoint :)

''post or not to post... by pandypolo ... ty for your time''


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Like OMG!It's your Birthday!

flowers-desi-glitters-19Glitter Photos
I picked it myself, the choice was clear. 
Once you see it, I’m expecting a cheer! 
I know you will need them, on your many adventures. 
Inside the box is a new set of dentures! 
Happy birthday, old fart! 
mwahaha I told you Id get you back!only kidding you're a cute fart

You Rock Graphic #11

Celebrating carly's (Tanvi's) MSP birthday partaaaay :D

Have a wonderful day my friend

Friday, 28 November 2014

It's My Birthday

Helllooo guys... it's my birthday today, wasn't thinking about making a post until I logged in and was welcomed with so many warm wishes from you all, and *COUGH* carly gray my lil cocky friend (whom I love) who started it all of. :D so I wanted to thank you all for being so nice and I couldnt believe all this happened within the 5 mins I just logged on

Happy Happy b'day To me!
   Lol thanks, carly gray aka tanvi for the mini birhday guest book partaaay 

                                       Art book made by carly gray... yeh thanks wozzle
                                                   50 -.- LOL
 Art book made by teddydud. thanks teddy, :)

Art book made by Melissa superhero (my pepper mint friend) ;p
thnk you very much

Thanks my bezzie roxy for the artie!! I loooove it!!! :D

Friday, 31 October 2014


Jamie here. This is my side and hopefully will put an end to a disgraceful situation which should have never been addressed on a blog ar become a fight between ishacool and Fran. Fran I understand you are angry at isha for revealing the cheating but it's not her fault you cheated. I do not condone public fights but I understand there are lots of tempers flying around, disappointments, opinions and distress for everyone involve. 

To Nick/Chuck: We didn't start of with a good friendship when isha first introduced you as her bf. I got to know you and felt you were an opportunist who manipulated my cousin into supporting your causes and just take, take, take. No doubt, isha cared and had a soft for you which you took advantage of. isha pleaded with me to give you a chance and I did, we eventually became friends. I talked to you about my relationship and wedding plans with Fran and you were going to be my best man dude. I cancelled my wedding to Fran about 2 weeks ago after a disagreement about you actually. I would have appreciated you tell me at some point, look man your fiancee is cheating with me and hasn't loved you for months!! isha was the one who suspected something was off and tricked you into a confession. You have since confessed that you tried to tell me but Fran begged and cried not to. i wish you had. She would have never told me. i could have married her while cheating with you. Fran is excellent in being deceitful. it was something we struggled and constantly fought over.  

Fran; I didn’t cheat on you 6 times with Mel. i may have met up with Mel 6 times which you considered cheating. Mel was a close friend for 2 yrs who I briefly dated in the past. She never got over me. Our paths crossed a month or 2 into dating Fran. Mel was always having problems and I was stupid enough to get sucked in and was too blind to see she wanted Fran and I up broken. Every time she needed me I was there. I kissed her a couple of times during times of distress. I was honest and told Fran about it and explained why and how it happened. There was no feelings involved. About Starlight - Btw Starlight and I never kissed. We mostly talked about our relationships and real stuff and I payed her a lot of compliments which could be seen as flirting. I owned up to it. I didn't Text, Skype or made plans about meeting Mel or Starlight in real life like Fran did with Nick. It was wrong of me to get close to Mel, no matter the circumstance. I worked very hard to regain Fran's trust after that. I thought we were happy for over 9 months. I treated Fran like a Queen, gave her all my online attention and she told me she was happy. She was my Queen.

A boy called Ben who my cousin isha liked accused Fran of flirting with him on the first day isha left them together in a room on imvu!! This upset isha so much she and Fran fell out over it. Roxy and Fran had a fall out a few months ago and they both decided to air their secrets online. Roxy revealed that Fran told her she cheated on me in real life with a boy and had sexual intercouse. This news devastated me and I thought that was it for me and Fran but once again she denied it with a passion and I eventually blocked my mind to it. During Nick's confession he also told isha that Fran cheated with another boy before him. It might have been the boy Roxy was talking about, am not entirely sure. 

Why did you lie so much to me Fran? I always made sure you were happy and asked if you were happy to be with me and you always assured me you were. I want everyone to understand that I am not angry Fran cheated or chose someone else. i feel screwed because she cheated with someone I thought was my friend and mad at myself for believing her lies. I am usually a guy with good judgement but Fran got me. I fell in love. Simple as that, and was blinded to everything else. The night before we broke up, Fran told me she loved me and I was the only boy for her. I believed it all, we kissed and hugged each other good night on imvu. You can imagine my shock in the morning when my cousin told me that Fran has been cheating with Nick. it was indescribable. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen Nick's confession. It took me 24 hrs to process it in my head. The last few days has been very difficult. The last thing I needed was my shameful ex-relationship plastered on blogs for everyone to feast upon. This is to Fran and Nick. I am kindly asking both of you to pls have some decency and delete your blog posts about this situation which fran started, and I will make sure my cousin delete hers. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Best Friends Graphic #20

Best Friends means different things to different people. Some insist that you can have only one best friend. Others assert that they have best friends for different aspects of their personalities. Whatever the precise definition, your best friend is the person who gets you. They understand who you are and what you are saying. The greatest distance cannot separate best friends. You will always feel a kinship with them, and be able to instantly continue the friendship even after not talking for many years. Just like Us. We stopped talking for a few months as I was really busy in real and I when I came back nothing changed between me and my bestie :) So if I seem distant, cold or not here. remember inside
                                                   I'm thankful you care.
I still remember the first day we met, you were too shy to say much at all, It's funny to think back to that time because now we're are like crazy blood sisters, a friend like you is very hard to find. Friends are forever, especially the bond that you and I possess I love your fun-filled personality, Somehow you never fail to impress.
 I had to make this post dedicated to you, as I slowly won't be coming on much, but I don't know when that will begin, but you must know I will always be there for you my bestie

We've been together through good and bad we were there for each other when we were down and no one else could ever be as good of a friend as you are to me 


All my best memories involve you, which is why 90% of our conversations start with ''remember that time...'' followed by something dumb
Our Imvu

I have a lot to say About my best friend She has always been there for me When in need. She is kind Loving Caring Here by my side For the good and bad We shared a lot of Laughter Along the way. Always will be here for her And she will always be here for me

Isha is the huge teddy Lol
                                                 Weirdos Jumping into the pool

Nightclub dancing

Although were going separate ways you're in my heart till my final days nothing can make a person see how special a friend you are to me 

This is a very old artbook made by my bestie 2 years ago :D Lol

And this one was made by me 2 years ago.. Lool!! :D I know it's awful -.-

Whenever you feel sad and that no one is around. Always know I will be around.  When you think that nobody cares  I hope you know that I will always care. I seriously hate goodbyes... but it's not like I'm going anytime soon... I hope but still.. it's not goodbye, let's just say I'll see you later :)
For You My friends!
Definitely My best Friend!
Thanks Awesome Friends!