Friday, 15 April 2016

Do You have What It Takes to Join The Mafia?

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>We Ride Together<

Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is Returned
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 Blood makes you related, Loyalty makes you family

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glitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphics

Hi guys, Chichik here:)

Today was a very special day for one of our close friends. I'm sure you're all aware of who he is - if not, look him up and *drool*...of course, the one and only Raxtar!

Well, today was his birthday, and the gang and I are so happy to say that he is no longer the little boy we once knew.  NO! He is now a MAN.
I think before this post progresses, you all need to know some more about our good friend. To be honest, when I first met him, I was a little intimidated. I wasn't on MSP, hadn't a clue who he actually was, and all the information I was going by was what Polo had told me - "he's nice". I mean, really Polo? Talk about throwing us in the deep end-.-

So it's safe to say I was incredibly nervous. And awkward. Which is a given when you first meet me. Thankfully though, he managed to see past my weirdness, and we really became close fast. Rax, remember when I was teasing you on our group chat msp, and said that no-one would be able to make me cry? Then I called you something random and wow, words were tumbling out of your mouth like a bullet. I was so scared! When you revealed it was just a prank, I think I banged my head against my desk. We got so many good laughs out of that:)

He is an incredibly supportive person. He constantly keeps an eye on me to make sure that I'm working hard enough, and don't take my eyes off the prize. Not only that, Rax is genuinely an amazing role model. I'm sure you've all seen him on MSP. I know it's just a computer game, but he tirelessly works to make sure that all of his friends' needs are taken care of, that movies are out, that other people's movies are watched, and that no one is being left out. All of his series are carefully thought out, and they are a pleasure to watch. His terrible insults on my wall always draw a chuckle out of me, and I'm sure, out of the others who read them.

Raxtar is like an older brother to me, frankly, and even though I know he is going to rib me completely for this post, I mean every thing I say. There are few people that I would trust whole-heartedly, but he found a permanent place on there. He has left this same impression on many other people, which was evidently seen by the number of well-wishes that are plastered all over his wall.

A few of his close friends have left some interesting messages for him too:D

Pandypolo - "Happy Birthday Zan, the tatti under my shoe." <- polo thanks for killing the vibe of this post

Frostbite - "Happy Birthday Rax. Even though I've only known you for a week, you've already become a really great friend. I really appreciate everything you've done for me, and I always have your back, no matter what."

MysticalCross - "Sooo I met you the other day, and I thought you were mrloverlover. What a conversation right?? Now we are chicken brothers for life."

groovychick24 - "Happy Birthday RaxStar hope u had a Wicked Birthday .. grooved all day n nite ;-)"


OKay so mine...finally lol....a proper one.

chichiK - "Laddu, I honestly hope you had a fabulous day. Your other stupid friends suck and couldn't come up with great messages (I'm looking at you POLO) so of course it all comes down to me to write something semi-decent-.- :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAXSTAR MY TWAT STAR:D Spend your money well!!!!"


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and the best pose award goes to ... Giogina

Best funny face goes to missisha (chichik)

In Gioginas garden... that bird

Groovy actually entered a chatroom ONLY for RAXTARs

The Modest Mothers

 Our Modest poses

So all that's left to be said is:

Happy Birthday Glitter Graphic

- ChichiK, Pandypolo, groovy and the rest of the gang:) xxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 26 March 2016

I Love My Friends !-DG123040

I was supposed to make this post AGES ago just when Vivi (chichik) left to let her know she will not be forgotten... but I was procrastinating and now she's baaack but I still had to make it because it's been on my mind for sooo long, ... SO YE here it is!!... but a lot has happened since then... EVEN cookie monstah! decided to show her face but didnt stay long then few days later I get these messsages from vivi on my guestbook....

Yeaah this is how she greets me coming back after such a long time^^ -.-

                                                  Cookie Monstah!

                                   Conversation with and Art book by Cookie Monstah! ^^
Heart With cat

                                               Chichik A.K.A Vivi

Vivi's Looks! (before she deleted her account  ^^ Lol  ohhh but 'tonki dori' is by cookie monstah! :D

Music Instrument
                                                    This is my giiiiiirl groovy !! ♥♥

                                                          groovy bacon! 
I'm So glad we are Friends

Sending Hugs Your Way
Best Freinds Forever